Friday, April 21, 2006

Moments that Stood Still ! - Part 2

Believe me, as explained earlier, other than radio, (and very rarely a few LP records of our friend), we never had the opportunity to hear songs in good music system in those period.

But the one we were hearing on that day was something really from heaven, the quality of system which we could not define by words.

The quality of music of those songs itself, that I need not express now to you, which you already know.

(some of you youngsters, might not had the opportunity of hearing them so hot and new the way most of the people of my age/period heard in radio and other media).

But the one we heard on that DAY was beyond comprehension!

Particularly, the Darling Darling song, the sound was springing from every side of the hall and playing hide and seek here and there, as the speakers were located separately.

Believe me, at that moment we didn't even know that this song was from Priya and the magic we were hearing was the result of marvelous stereophonic system and that's why emanating from different directions from different speakers ! Same is the case with the other songs also !

The time was flying like anything and already more than an hour had gone.

The fear & worry of ending of the meeting started haunting us.

Suddenly he went to the other room inside the house and disappeared for more than 10 to 15 minutes keeping us in suspense.

We were practically waiting for somebody to come and tell us to "get lost" as the time was over.

Meanwhile we were just exchanging some customary enquiries type of talk with the so called child Karthik, who was just moving in and around in that hall.

At this moment one additional information I would like to share (which I will again recall later also).

When IR was not in the hall, I just walked near the table where he was sitting and had kept the book which he had in his hand earlier. Oh God!

That was a voluminous music theory book, full of WCM notations and exercises.

I could not believe that this already famous person is still studying and learning with all those busy schedules ?!!

Anyway that book and notations permanently registered in my mind ! (which made me to search for WCM theories later in my life)

Then IR again re-appeared in front of us, now neatly dressed, in pant (bell bottoms !) and full hand shirt indicating that he is ready to move out.

So it was ringing in our mind that the inevitable ending had come.

But to our utter surprise, came his other "Offer" !

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சிவா said...

//I could not believe that this already famous person is still studying and learning with all those busy schedules // Great Raaja.

What about photo sessions? I guess camera was a big deal at those period and you didn't take any photo :-((