Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Translation of Ltr-2 dt 16-Apr-78

Dear Sankar, Kumar,

I have read your replies to the magazine “______” . In fact, it is very much doubtful that even if I had written the replies, it could have come out well like yours!

I feel that, only with these kinds of fitting replies from real fans like you, we can make these journalists realize their mistakes, who are otherwise purposely, bent upon hiding the truth. Since they could not bear the heat of such letters from lots of fans, they are again trying to justify their stand through “Mr ______” in the next issue of their journal also. They say this will continue further! Please see the tone and tenor of those questions!

Some of the replies I have made (in the interview) are not available there! When he wanted my appointment for the interview I indeed refused them. However, his assistant told me that nothing wrong would be written, and then only I allowed them. While talking to me they were very nice. But later, they have written all these non-sense!

I don’t want to waste my time by writing to these journals! I won’t write in future also! To take care of these people, crores of my hardcore fans are there.

Above them GOD is also there! Let him take care!

Yours lovingly,


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