Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Translation of Ltr-3 dt July-78

Dear Sankar, Kumar,

Whenever my films are released, I used to get some letters of reviews from my fans. I also usually wait for such letters from my selected fans with good observations!

But, your last letter was unfortunately different from usual letter and I was disappointed a little bit about that.

Though, I also glance “Bommai” regularly, I didn’t know that such a section is there in the journal “Bommai”.

What shall I do by writing replies to your letter ? Shall I have to sent it to “Bommai”? Please inform me.

Last week recordings of songs of film “Priya” (SPT films) took place.

Indeed, I was thinking to call some of my best fans to witness that recording.

I planned to invite both of you for that recording, but due to the lack of time to write letter, I could not do so! Bear with me!

What is important to note here is, the songs of this film have been recorded in Stereophonic system for the first time in India!

On 10th , I am going away for a recording of some Hindi film songs. I will be back by 16th.

Do reply,

Yours lovingly,



CRV said...

Any idea, which is that Hindi film Raja is talking about in 1978? Was it released?

CSR said...

No Idea Venky. Might me some dubbed film of Rajini or Kamal. Might be some unreleased film also.