Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sequence Leading to Third Letter from IR

As you can see that in that 2nd letter, IR had expressed his anguish about such journalism and he didn’t want to waste his energy and time by answering such baseless articles !

Though I was extremely happy to get a reply from IR, but it was painful to know that IR was hurt in his heart-of-heart. (and I could even visualize that then after he would altogether withdraw himself from such interviews and journalists , which in fact had happened!)

As expected, journal "J", neither published my letter to them nor any such letters or articles from his other fans countering its earlier stance. Slowly, I realized that it was futile to expect such things from them.

Though IR had left out the matter as such, I could not leave it just like that.

So I started thinking that in appropriate forum of other journals, IR shall express his views to reach the audience about his hard works, his concepts of music etc etc.

In that period, “Bommai” was one such cine-based-journal which was more popular and a decent one.

Incidentally, I saw a new features started in that journal, in which, the fans can ask various questions to any famous personalities and they used to get the reply for such queries and used to publish!

Usually, I saw fans asking questions to famous actors/actresses. But I found that was the most appropriate chance for me to make IR speak out his heart.

So I painstakingly designed a model questionnaire containing a lot of questions (about his music and his views, approach etc.) which were normally raised by the common people as well as the journalists in their reviews in those point of time.

I sent that questionnaire to “Bommai” and also sent one copy to IR.
I believed I will certainly get some response from IR.

It was July’78!

I indeed got the reply letter from IR, but the response I got, shocked me ! But this time for different reasons !

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