Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Is the Paradise Lost ?

The response of IR in that 3rd letter was simply a jolt to me which indirectly tried to say “You too Brutus..!”

Though my aim was different (i.e. to get the maximum answers derived from him to explain his views to the world), I could guess that he might have taken all those questions seriously and presumed that these were coming from us directly etc .

Whether, I was not able to communicate properly, or he misunderstood us, whatever was the situation, damages had been done !!

(Somehow that was the last letter we ever received by us from IR!)

But, again see the best human side of this simple man !

He continued in the next para that but for the time availability, he could have written to invite us to witness his first ever film with stereophonic recording (first time in India!) viz “Priya” !

Oh God , what a golden chance was lost !

Anyhow, using the clue in his letters (that he would have invited us for the recording of Priya), I could guess that certainly we should meet him personally at Madras as soon as possible and convey our sincere apologies for the misgivings created by our last letter!

Thus, our first pilgrimage visit happened !

It was July1978 !


arvindh said...

Your series of postings read like a great drama unfolding - I feel so lucky that you are willing to share these details with us. Awaiting eagerly for your continuation....

Also, thank you very much for your kind mail and link to that other great blog of yours.

Kindly add links to all your blogs so that your readers are directed to the relevant sites.

I cannot emphasize this enough - you are doing a great job to us fans through these blogs.

arvindh said...

Sorry, you do have the link to the WCM blog. I did not notice it before. I apologize.

CSR said...

Thank you Arvind, for your encouraging words!

It was indeed great happenings in our life. Nearly 3 decades, we have not shared much about all these with anybody.

In those period, we were afraid that people might say, "after-all IR, some MD, what is big-about that" ?

Later when he became famous and became such a collosal figure, we are afraid that people may feel that we are unnnecessary boasting some old stories!

Anyway, now-a-days blogging allow us to do so many things! This is one such thing!

Thank you for reading and providing comments!