Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Raja We Felt in 1977-78 : Part-1

It was middle of 1977 !

Again it was the fate or destiny that made me to move to Sankar’s house in Arcot for my pre-university studies ! But unfortunately Sankar had moved to Vellore for his poly-technical studies.

It was few week ends in a month we used to meet together at Aroct and listen and discuss IR’s films and songs !

Let me share some of the thoughts we had in that time !

The songs of Bairavi, Durga Devi, Mariamman Thiruvizha, Thunai Iruppal Meenakshi, Odi Vilayaddu Thaatha, Saindhaadamma Saindhaadu etc etc were the rage in those period for us.

I remember almost all of those IR’s films were in B&W. Only later came the colorful (!!) 16 Vayadhinile and their sequels etc.

Stereo / Track recording etc are not the name commonly heard of ! Somehow, IR’s re-recordings started getting the attentions of everybody !

There were some additional reasons also for that !

Due to the competition, various new magazines like Idhayam, Kungmam etc which were started newly in those years. Also main magazines like Ananda Vikatan, Kumudham etc had to improvise a lot in various sections of their magazines to prove their worth and existence.

And Film reviews were one such section which rightly assumed its importance in the magazines.

New generation writers/critiques/ review writers were emerging and these people paid a lot of attentions to the technicalities of films which were not known to common man. Thus allocating marks for various departments of films also started !

Thus re-recordings and songs also got a lot of attentions in the film reviews than ever before ! Thanks to those critical reviews and atentions, IR’s innovations were instantly noticed by everybody of that generation !

Again, in those period, everybody had to mainly depend upon the radio only for such TFM songs. LP records were the other alternative which only certain affluent people could afford.

Cassettes & its recorders were considered as the new-age hi-fi systems and were available to hi-fi people only who had connections with Singapore etc,
What I am trying to say, in spite of all these limitations and the obvious resulting constraints (that people cannot get hi-tech music, etc.) IR was still experimenting all his innovations in music in each of his film and each of his songs.

Had such gadgets (as we are using now) were readily available with mass in those times, many more people would have easily observed and appreciated IR's innovtions at that time itself.

But Still, IR could rule the mass with his songs reaching the hearts of people right through, whether his technicalities are understood or not by them !


arvindh said...

I greatly appreciate your efforts to share this great experience with us all - I cant wait to read the rest of your posts!

RR said...

I second Mr.Arvindh...Thanks a lot for the efforts. I enjoy reading it......

I grew up listening those songs through thiruchi and coimbatore radio stations..... And ofcourse there were the loud speakers, courtsey of Kovil Thiruvila's.