Sunday, April 16, 2006

Translation of Ltr-1 dt 16-Mar-78

Dear Sankar & Kumar,

Thank you very much for your letter.

1. You have indicated that the TMS version of “Annakkili” has the interlude which has resemblance to some English tune. But every single bit of the music for that film came from by blood. What you have indicated is very much wrong.

2. You have asked me to take some actions regarding the songs to be broadcast in the Radio. I have no time even to compose. All these shall be taken care of people like you.

3. Please listen to songs of “Thunai Iruppal Meenakshi”. No other song can equate “Sugamo Aayiram”. I feel, it has not got the right place it deserves!

4. The guitar bit in “Devan Thiruchabai” is my composition. “Sholay” came only yesterday. About 10 years back, in one of the Kannada film under the GKV, I have already composed similar such bit and played myself. But, anyhow, my fans may not be knowing all these. OK

5. Annakili, Kavikuyil, Badrakali, Pen Jenmam etc. – I can’t understand what you want to say. You have said don’t compose tune to songs like “Hoy Mama”. I feel that song is an excellent one. Please listen again.

6. You have advised me that I shall do the hard work like “16-Vayadhinile” for all the films. Please remember one thing:

I give importance and do the hardwork for all the films in the same fashion. If the film is hit, then my hardwok is noticed. Otherwise, it just get drowned as if in quicksand.

Uravaadum Nenjam, Deepam, Gaayathri, Katrinile Varum Geetham” etc. in all these films, I have done re-recordings which are different from each of these films, and that also, even before anyone can think of attempting like them.

In the film “Uravaadum Nenjam”, upto the intermission I have just used the minimum instruments like 2 Violins, 1 viola, 1 cello and 1 Base;

and in “Gayathri” not even single violin is used;

In “Deepam” and “Katrinile…”, I have used full orchestra ;

All these efforts of mine with different way of handling of instruments shall show that I am taking equal care and hard work in all these films.

In the film “Kaatrinile..”, I have used a new instrument called “Recorder”, which no other MD is using.

Even in the films yet to be released also, you are going to hear the new effects and sounds of even the existing usual instruments.

I am always working hard to satisfy my fans who come with a lot of expectations by seeing my name in the title, so that I don’t disappoint them ever.

So please change your opinion.

7. Even though I increase my “price” to decrease the films to be signed, they never leave me. What can I do ?

8. I won’t count how many members are going to play in my orchestra, but count only the total effect. It should be different.

9. Happy that (atleast !) songs of “Odi VIlayadu Thatha” are different !

10. “Kannan Enna Sonnan” and “Manjal Araikkum” – I have given the same type Rhythm for both the songs. So It won’t sound different. Are the songs different in their effect ? Then Leave me !

11. “Athai Magal” – No use of counting its for 4th time, 5th time etc. When the producers are asking for such songs what can I do ?

12. 3rd Attempt. You have written about usage of “Voices” in re-recording. You shall see “how” I have used them, that’s more important!

13. There is no connection between Love theme of “Thyagam” and “Mariamman

Thank you for all your comments. Please do write to me. But I cannot assure that I will answer them. I am hard pressed for time. Since you have written such a lengthy letter of lots of pages, I am replying now.

I have sent the photos. Please confirm receipt of them.

Always wishing your love !


Find somebody else who are knowledgeable to be your “Guru”. I am not having that qualification in this life.



சிவா said...

Guruve! It is so nice to see IR letter.How great he is, to write such a detailed letter. It would be nice, if you get some detail on the letter written by Mr.Sankar and explain Raaja's kind answer for those :-).

Thanks for sharing the pokkisam with us. I really enjoyed reading the original scanned letter.


Anonymous said...


I am also having the same request to Sankar, since all those writings are only in the "head" of Sankar! Those were the period Xeroxing was unheard off! (same is the fate for the other two letters also which I am going to publish. We have the IR reply letters but not our version. Strange but true!)

As I learnt many years later that, Sankar had written those letter in utter depair moment, when some live music program of IR announced by some locals at Vellur turned to be false and he could not have the glimpse of IR on that day!

So he wrote whatever in his mind that he wanted to convey to IR in such lengthy letter running into some 20 pages or so!

That's the story. Anyway, currently guess work can be made.

But the important thing is What IR tries to convey to his fans!

All his statements are true even today! When people are easily bashing him for anything, they shall think many time before doing that!


vishy said...

exhilarating stuff!!!


RR said...

WOW...No words cab express my feelings right now. Thanks for sharing the letter. Its a treat.....