Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's Ooty All the way !

During that summer vacation of 1976, we decided to go for Ooty (my Chithi’s place) alongwith Shankar.

Though all the usual stuff of Ooty like sight seeing and films etc were carried out with our limited resources, the flower show (82nd show) of botanical garden was the targeted attraction for Shankar as he had found out from various posters in the town, that IR with his Orchestra was going to perform on that day !

As usual I was indifferent towards his enthusiasm, as any kind of musical orchestra would have satisfied me !

The D-day came ! There was heavy rush when we reached the Venue and we had to sit in the lawn very far away from the podium. Still we could see the members of orchestra reasonably clear !

That’s our first “darisanam” of IR, the youth, who was swaying the TN to his tunes of Annakili and Badrakali!

The program started with “Devan Thiruchabai Malargale” with Poorani & Indira (who were performing a lot of other songs also) ! I don’t remember the main female singers and only could guess now, the name of Sasirekha . Male voices were represented by Gangai Amaran, Sai Baba, Malasia Vasudevan and of course IR himself. As could have been guessed, IR’s songs were limited at that time and mostly the songs of MSV, KVM etc were performed by them.

IR was all the times at his Synth on the front right corner of the stage, and performing flawlessly all those pieces. I could recollect my tension moments in watching him singing “Poo vizhi vasalil” from Deepam. Tension because, he was so much concentrating on playing the synth, that I sincerely believed he was going to miss his portion of the song. But to my astonishment, he was picking the microphone on his side exactly on time and moving the same nearer to his mouth and let the Jesudas lines out , in micro second precision and again back to his synth very seriously !

It was a treat to watch ! That was the first time I heard his personal voice !

I remember the songs of Anandha Then Katru (manipoor mamiyaar), Nadhamennum Kovilile, Manaivi Amaivadhellam, Kadavul Amaithu vaitha medai etc.

Finally came the announcement that IR’s ‘recently’ composed song (unreleased) for “16 vayadhinile” to be performed by the new comer “Malasia Vasudevan”. Then came the scintillating “Aattukutti Muttaiyittu”. In those period 16 vayadhinile even before its release made a controversial popularity with Kamal’s new role of Chappani in Semi-nude pose with “Kovanam” in most of the magazines at that time.

The programme came to an end with the song of MV and GA who got into full swing with their evergreen “Surangani Surangani” and the whole audience going on rampage!

Anyway, that was the day which changed my life !

There was no other options but to listen and watch this gentleman IR’s songs wherever and whatever it is ! I cannot reason for the change of the chemistry in my brain !

But I remain always grateful to God (and Sankar of course) who gave me those opportunities !


2ndReview said...

Expecting more of your write-ups.Was great to read about an IR fan starting from his early periods.Me who happens to fall in love with his music at a latyer stage of IR career(I happen to ggrow up in ARR era), it is really interesting to read about IR's initially response he got from fans like u.

Sangeetha said...

Very Interesting! Just came by from orkut to check this out!

தமிழ்ப்பறவை said...

கொடுத்து வச்சவர்..ம்ஹ்ஹ்ஹ்ஹ்ம்...

RR said...

Unreleased song....wow....Yes it was a treat. Thanks for the writeup....I am enjoying reading it.