Friday, April 21, 2006

Extended Dreamy Moments - Sattam En Kaiyil

The surprise offer that came from him could not have been imagined by us by any standard.

As IR was moving out to see a film, he told us that two of us can accompany him !

We simply could not believe ouselves ! What's happening to us today ?!

Then it suddenly struck us that he was waiting for our reply to know who were the two to accompany him.

It was the greatness of Ram and Balu, that they immediately told IR, that Kumar (myself) and Sankar will accompany him.

The responsible Balu just asked IR where he had to pick us two after the preview, for which he replied that they can come to Mini-Anand !

Now it’s the time of extended dreamy scene for us !

Rather than the film we were going to see etc., the thought that we were going to spend some more time with this great person was fully occupying in our mind.

Then Karthik started to accompany his father, so he also urgently got ready and joined us.

Self and IR in the back seat and Sankar and Karthik (more or less in his lap) in the front seat, the ambassador started rolling to Mini Anand.

It was another pleasant surprise that the car of IR contained music system (which we never heard of before ! ) and our repeat listening to un-released songs continued in the car also !

Young karthik was so fond of “Poo pole, Un punnagaiyil” song, that he was repeating that song often in the tape of that car.

I vaguely remembered IR saying that it was from film "Kavariman", which was going to be the prestigious 200th film of Sivaji’s! (which I told many of my friends later, but after much anxious waiting, this film was so delayed for unknown reasons, and Thirisoolam took away the honour!)

So again I got the opportunity for thanking for the moment spent in his house and apologizing for the earlier letter etc, etc.

We reached the theater.

It was a mini- theatre with some of the VIPs already occupying the seats and patiently waiting for the other VIPs to arrive.

We took our seats and then asked him about the film to be screened. He told that it is “Sattam-En-Kaiyil”.

Then we immediately recollected, the previous Sunday edition of Dhinamani, wherein details about shooting of certain song sequence of this film had been published !

Then it dawned to our head that we were going to watch a film, which was never released so far, and that was the first screening ! Our mind also got chilled with the thought alongwith the body chill due to the AC effect in that compact small theatre!

All film luminaries were coming one by one and finally the tall "Vaani kamal" and her husband “Paramakkudikaarar” came.

Immediately after the arrival of Kamal. the film started.

We just asked IR sitting by our side, whether this film contained the song “Kadai thengaayo” and a kawwali type song “Mera naam Abdullah".

IR was so stunned saying that how we knew that!

We told him about our endeavour of regular updating of IR-knowledge through papers magazines etc! He was smiling !

After the screening started, we were totally trying to follow the re-recording and discuss within us in husky voice, which IR was watching.

After some half-an-hour or so, suddenly he whispered to us that he had to leave and we can continue viewing the film and said good-bye !

Though a shock, we had to accept that reality.

And IR silently left the hall, in darkness !

Thus came the end of a precious dream sequence of our life !


arvindh said...

You have been so lucky! And we are too - because you are willing to share these stories.

சிவா said...

You are so lucky and you deserve it CSR :-). Great. Continue the story