Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Nyaana Thangame - Part-6 - Audio Clips No 20 to 26

(Continued.......from Part-5)

So the Full Track is ready and Actual Voice recording to start…!

By this time, the lyrics written in beautiful hand writing in bold big letters reached the hands of IR.

He reads and reads…and absorbs the song entirely with its due emotions in his back of mind !


Pallavi :

Nyaana Thangame … …. Nyaana Thangame
En paattai kelamma …… Nyaana Thangamme

Maram Onnu Nattu Vachen Nyaana Thangame
Kanneeril Thanner vitten Nyaana Thangame
Maram Eno Pazhudhaa Pochu Nyaana Thangame
Kodi Vandhu Thunaiyaa Aacchu Nyaana Thangame
(Nyaana Thangame…)


Kizhinjaalum Saaya Chelai Vilakkukku Thiri yagum
Aruthaalum Korap pullu Azhagaana Paayaagum
Manusha Jaadhi Nyaayam mattum Veru Veru
Sumathangi dhaan Mannil Saanjaa thanguvadharu
Thanni ulla varaikkum kokku irukkum
Kulam vathi ponaa kokku parakkum
Uravellam pagal mosam
Adi podi ellaam vehsam
(Nyaana Thangame….)

Charanam-2 :

Kalangaadhe Nyaana Penne Kanneerum yEnamma
Naadaanda Mangammavum Un pola Pennamma
Annaalil thaan Kannagi pola un kadhai aachu
Karaiyeri thaan kendaigal rendum pogudhippodhu
Oorukkulle inge yaarum illaiyo
Indha Mazhai penjum eeram illaiyo
Thalaraadhe Thalumbadhe
Edhir kaalam Nee dhan Penne
(Nyaana Thangame…….)


The balance AudiClips are given below :

File-20-RA / File-20-MP3

File-21-RA / File-21-MP3

File-22-RA / File-22-MP3

File-23-RA / File-23-MP3

File-24-RA / File-24-MP3

File-25-RA / File-25-MP3

File-26-RA / File-26-MP3


Clip-20 : IR starts his Rehearsals for recording!

While Emy is getting ready with the minus-voice tracks for the actual song recording, IR is checking the Lyrics and rehearses the words with tunes and matches each other !

Also, he formulates his way of expressions and modulation of lyrical lines.

Clip-21 : IR records the Pallavi lines!

IR is checking Pallavi lines with his own way of expressions, which has a little bit of roughness and more folkish, or like some elderly old village fellow!

(IR’s expressions somehow sounded like “Oorengum Mazhaiyaachu…” viruthams in the beginning of prelude of Krishnachander-Janaki song “Poovadai Kaatru..” to me).

May be according to IR, the situation of the present film (Raaja Gopuram) demanded that kind of expressions.

But he seeks the opinion of the Director whether it is OK and later changes to smooth normal one.

See the range of difference he exhibits in his voice instantly.

He straight away get into the Take mode and instruct Emy and Pallavi got recorded.

Clip-22 : IR Rehearse and record First Charanam!

Same grueling takes and re-takes of step-by-step improvisation from Pallavi to first charanam etc.

Nobody is available in the studio except Emy and myself in console and IR in his Singer glass chamber !

It goes on and on! Nearly two hours or so passed.

Why at all IR like MD has to put himself into such strict rigorous exercises ?

Clip-23 : Pallavi+First Charanam+Second Charanam

Now hear the take of full song !

Meanwhile, all my batteries of tape recorder getting drained out, the battery level indicator becomed feeble…! I was only praying for the best and continuing my recording !

You can visualize my position !

Quality of Remaining audio clips will further bother you ! Anyway continue….!

Clip-24 : Again Fine tuning his expressions in Charanam

Never say No spirit of IR is something amazing !

In the lines of Charanams, “sumaithaangi dhaan mannnil saanjaa ….” and “Annaalil dhaan Kannagi pola…” he desires some gamakams in his expressions would be better.

He practices to himself, how it should have been!

So he will again change those two lines in the charanams and will go for another repeats!

Clip-25 : Re-Take for Fine tuning Charanams

He asks for Emy to again repeat those two lines of Charanams and synchronise his corrections.

Emy locates from the recorded take, the lines wanted by IR and just like we erase and re-write in our Word file, IR & Emy corrects the paricular written track for a few words!

Re-take done with corrections and checked.

Clip-26 : Final Okayed Version at Studio

Atlast, by night eight o’clock or so the session was completed.

This is the final version which was cleared on that day!


A song has born ! For disappearing into time & space !

Whether my blog & postings will give a re-birth ?

And will this song get its dues ?

Do the readers of this blog will have to do something ?

Am I greedy ?

Am I doing something wrong by posting this here ?

Let the time answers those queries !


azhagi vishy said...

You are doing a great job!

2 hours of rigour when only you and emy were there!! What a 'sweat' which we dismiss in 2 seconds in a theatre sometimes.

Dedication. Devotion. Tremendous!

I have heard this song earlier. I very well remember the starting portions of the songs.

Great stuff from you! keep going. Amidst the tough routines of life, to deliver such great stuff to us all is very satisfying.


arvindh said...

I will give a detailed write up on my impressions after repeated listening of all the clips. When after 20 years you still have something new to learn from listening to them, I need to at least listen to them about 20 times. Greatly appreciate your time and energy.

BTW, I have linked to your blog under the title "CSR meets Ilaiyaraaja" in my blog!

Anonymous said...

One more reason for me to feel extremely sad that i dont know Tamil.
I am a Telugu, and spent my early childhood in a remote place in karnataka.. had little or no money and yet was mesmerised by ilaiyaraaja. My family used to go on vacations to andhra. Those times they used to give me 50 rupees for 10 days. And i used to spend all the fifty rupees to buy his songs, and used to sometime go empty stomach. That was late 80's early 90s. I have also written in my blog lalithamurali.blogspot.com about my attempt to meet the Maestro in chennai. it didnt work out. I am going to link your article to my blog.
Sir, to me you are GOD. The greatest gift you can ever give somebody is joy. And you have given us lots and lots of it. I am younger to you, but i pray the almighty to give you everything you ask from him.

Ravi said...

What a great thing.

I am a great fan of Raja, the music director and Raja, the person. He is a divine gift to Tamilnadu. Has dimensions which many may not even fathom.

While the popular opinion perception may be that he is a music genius who is very spiritual,
I feel that we should see him to be a gnani who also composes music.

Given that context, what you are doing sharing here is outstanding. In the west, there is lot of fan following and Rehearsals of Beatles and Sessions from Fleetwood Mac are all very popular.
But they pale in comparison to the genius of Raja. He has done it like penance.

The opportunity you have got to witness is not by chance. It is a result of the extreme eagerness, burning desire, should I say? I salute you for the effort and the generosity of sharing.

When I read Raja during a break looking in your direction and asking 'Saapitacha?', tears came to my eyes. In that moment, he seemed to be omniscient and compassionate, more like Ramana and Kanchi Periyavar. These people seem to notice ALL that is happening and also have effortless and appropriate response to it.
What a gem!

Finally, I came to TFM page after an year and chanced to see your posting today, just in time :)


CSR said...

Dear Murali & Ravi,

I am speechless after listen to above comments of you people who are the dedicated fellow fans of IR like me. I am really happy to share such treasures with like-minded people like you. Many many thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Best Regards