Monday, June 26, 2006

Nyaana Thangame - Part-3 - Audio Clips No 1 to 5

Here we go ! ( Continued from Part-2.....)
But with a word of utmost Caution ! Rather my sincere request to all !

This exercise is basically to demonstrate the hardwork and sincerity involved by IR and his team-members (the real jewels) in creating a song, which many of you might have not got the opportunity to know!

All the Copyrights and related ownerships rights etc etc rests with the concerned owner of the songs and creator, composer etc etc as the case may be!

This is only provided for the individual listening pleasure only and not for making any copies or propagating with commercial purposes! I sincerely request all the readers to obey the related law of the lands!

Click Below for the audio clips (in RA or MP3 as per your requirement):

Clip-1: Rehearsal of First Interlude
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Click Here for File-01-RA

As Sundararajan, usually the Master Teacher of the voice portions to Solo singers and Chorus singers, teaches and rehearse the humming by the lady voice in the first interlude.

Flute piece follows

Clip-2: Second Interlude Rehearsal
Click Here for File-02-Mp3


Click Here for File-02-RA
IR requests Dilrooba rehearsal. Sundararajan teaches from the hall in front of Dilrooba inst, and IR from console requests the gamakam improvisation! Da-Dada-Dan….. Da-Dada-Dan… …..
(please note this wonderful improvisation done by IR in Dilrooba which was followed in rehearsal, but by the time, final take was completed after some 3 hours, this was lost…..!!!)
Again IR checks with Sadhaa of Guitar portion of the fill-up and the Guitar portion that covers the Shadjam to Upper Octave shadjam… Sa-SA’ SA’ SA’ da da daaaaaa….. and improvises that !

Clip-3: Second Interlude Rehearsal Continues …!

Click Here for File-03-Mp3


Click Here for File-03-RA

Here Dilrooba+Sadhaa’s Guitar Rehearsal Continues…. Lead Guitar melody is repeated by Flute also. Then Guitar ends its Melody line..

But please watch carefully, the guitar ending is plain initially and IR finds something can be filled up, and so he will ask Viji, the key board player to fill up, which he instantly adds…!

And IR asks Sundarajan to continue the outline track and also tell him that between charanam 8 bars Pallavi…. Also remind him of “Ga Ma Paaa….”

Clip-4: Getting Ready for Track recording

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Click Here for File-04-RA

Every player tries their instruments openings…Special effects also getting ready etc…

Clip-5: Track Recording – overall rehearsal

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Click Here for File-05-RA
Here for the first time you hear the glimpse of whole song in its track form!

Sundararajan starts his Thaanae Thandhaane rehearsals….!

My sincere tributes this beautiful person, who was following IR like a shadow; He expired recently!
Listen to the excellent bass guitar and xylophones, which you cannot hear in the actual released song to this level of clarity!

Also, follow the tabla rhythm, which is plain and simple throughout…. including the Pallavi to first interlude interface as well as Charanam-Pallavi interfaces.

IR later changes the tabla-dafla rhythms in these interfaces with specific instructions…..!

So Listen carefully….!


arvindh said...

I have no words to describe the feelings these recordings evoked in me...I was so moved. I do not know how to thank you for these priceless gems you are willing to share with others! Thank you so very much!

CSR said...

Thank You so much Arvindh! You are one amazing follower for this blog ! Such responses from you people always keeps me alive! Listen to the entire proceedings in 26 clips and please write to me your overall observations to me !


mahadevan said...

Hi, CSR, Like Arvind Im also a keen follower of your blog. But now I m asking a question to myself, Why I have not posted a comment so far? maybe SOMBERITHANAM. I dont have a word to praise u. I pray to God that many more should come from u in this blog.

Venkat said...

Hi CSR, me too a silent reader on this blog. I could not express my joy in words about reading your views. I don't know even how to thank you for such a wonderful, useful, mind blowing effort. Long live CSR. The more you write on IR, the better to IR fans like me. You are really gifted to have such a meetings with IR. In the same way, we all are gifted to have IR fan like you.


CSR said...

Thank you Mahadevan and Venkki for your kind words. Hope I will live upto your expectations

Best Regards

சிவா said...


I become addict to all these clips. Even I am listening all my weekend :-)) Particularly Clip 2, 3 (Dilroopa and Guitar rehearsal) and Clip 6 (Cutting tabla Nadai). The Dilroopa rehearsal is my pick. When IR sung 'DaRaRa RaRa RaRa'...Superbs..But like you said, in the final song..
It totally changed as 'DaraRa..DaraRa..DaraRa..' ( Mannikkavum..Ennoda bad notes-kku :-). The first one is really good..But I listen all the clips again and again to find out where IR changed it and look like from Clip-14 to 17, somewhere it is
changed...DO YOU REMEMBER Why IR changed that??

//My sincere tributes this beautiful person, who was following IR like a shadow; He expired recently!//. He has sung some songs also in IR music (in original tracks). The one I could recall is 'NeelaVeni amma NeelaVeni' from 'Saami pOdda mudichu'.


CSR said...

Dear Siva,

The change of Dilrooba phrase back to original way of playing, I could not recall as IR changed that. But my guess is, this has been done by the player himself; when the retake alongwith triangle was taken, last chance also was lost.