Monday, June 26, 2006

Nyaana Thangame - Part-4 - Audio Clips No 6 to 10

Nyaana Thangame (Continued from Part-3.....)

The links for the Audio Clips 6 to 10 are below:

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My notes/comments for the above given below:

Clip-6 : Getting Ready for Take

IR gives instruction to Viji regarding keyboard fill-up…!

Then some clarifications from guitarists regarding chords whether E & F or E-minor & F, which he approves and say "very good..!"

IR decides to start the Takes…!

Orders for traditional ritual, Coconut breaking… Getting reply that somebody has gone for procuring Coconut…!

So everybody to wait..!

In the mean time, IR again tries to improvise and orders Sundararajan to change the Charanam ending with cut in the flow and to continue….!

And tabla also follows this cut-start technique! Sample format played by the players are approved with IR saying to start with cut at first "Samam" (first beat of a bar) itself….!

Meanwhile, more than Director and Producer IR starts worrying about an important situation with Mimicry, for which some specialist is required which is not arranged by the concerned…!

He reminds the Director about the status, and get reply that it will be arranged next day…!

IR instruct Sundararajan not to sing last one line before the Pallavi ends and interlude starts..!

[This is essential for actual voice recording (to be sung by IR later) for which track of Sundara rajan needs to be erased or superimposed… so that no leftover/overlap of the track singer portion happens, in case actual singer cut shorts or adjust his portion…

You can follow this modification in the track of Sundararajan singing hereafterwards

Again the Producer and his Son (teen aged boy!) arrives and introduced to IR .

Again they were also reminded by IR about the seriousness of the mimicry situations..!

IR is more than a Composer / MD. He goes to the extent of fulfilling any Director/Producer would have wanted or should have taken care off!

It was again proved to me later in another re-recording (Paasap Paravaigal) witnessed by me 4 years later!

Clip-7 : Actual Take Starts

All instruments openings checked…

Special effects at Start got into rigorous take and re-takes….!

All the thunders, wind etc created in the keyboards by Viji, Also, he fills up in between in another key board..!

With two hands he handles arrays of keyboards at a time… which are pre-set for specific Tones! A treat to watch..!

As the Track having this special effects is concentrated at the recording console now, it appears that all other instruments like Shenoy etc are suppressed..!

But others are also equally getting recorded well in other tracks..!

Whole Prelude is getting recorded as take!

Clip-8 : Journey from Prelude to Pallavi to Part of First Interlude

Now, to proceed step-by-step from prelude and onwards…!

IR gives instruction to Viji regarding special effects adjustment…!

Note that Sundarajan does not sing the last line of Pallavi before the interlude starts as instructed by IR earlier.

IR instructs the improvisation (trill kind of effect) in interlude humming “Araari ro oh oh oh….”

Clip-9 : Re-take from beginning to Complete First Interlude

Re-take continues.

Note now in the present version of Pallavi lines getting tried, there is no cut-and-continue technique in tabla rhythm (as was instructed for the Charanam endings by IR).

Later this portion also IR will change for the Pallavi tabla rhythm like he did for the Charanams.

Clip-10 : Re-take from beginning to Complete First Interlude

As worried by some distortions, instructions was given to Viji by IR regarding the tonal effect of keyboard tone that comes in the end of First interlude….!

Adjustment of Volume and Echo effects to the pre-set tones…!

Checking with Emy, the Sound engineer !

Adjustments at both Keyboard level (by Viji) and Console level (by Emy) checked & re-checked!

Everything electronics! Perfection matters and demanded and got by IR!


சிவா said...

Dear CSR,

It is really nice to listen each and every clip with your narration. After reading this, each dialogue in clips are adding more interest and making me to listen it again and again. Thanks for your explanation on Track recording.

ThaanE thannaanE...ThaanE ThannanE...ithu thaan ippOthaikku one week-a manasukkulla Odikiddu irukku :-))


CSR said...

Dear Siva,

Really speaking, when I started listening for the purpose of writing these comments, I could recall all these additional points.
Now this track and narration is self content for any first time listener also.

However, Thaane Thandhaane and Sadha's Guitar and IR's self correction like "Annaaalil thaan ..." etc will never leave the mind.

Thank you Siva once again for all your comments.