Monday, September 29, 2008

Nostalgic Re-Visit of Nostalgic Blog..!

Vicky has tagged me in his blog with the following questions or points to ponder..!

Since I had already recorded many such moments in this blog itself, it was easy for me to set the pointer and escape..

Thanks Vicky for making me record this post after a long gap..!

1) The moment that introduced you to Raaja...

Introduced to Song : Machaana Paarthengala song of Annakkili played left and right in loudspeakers in my village and in the Orchestras of local festival; as explained in earlier postings of my blog :

Introduced to his Performance : First time I saw the live performance of IR in the musical show in Ooty flower show and that’s my first introduction to IR as a person;

Introduced to his Thoughts : Later his letter(s) which introduced his other side of his musical thought processes and feelings!

2) Name one occassion where Raaja's music directly/ indirectly influenced your life....

During my first visit to his house, where I saw him studying WCM books introduced the reality to me that music is not such simple thing as we are used to.. ie listen, enjoy and forget…!

My search on IR has really started from that moment and still now I could not fathom him !

3) Name a favorite song in each of the other 4 languages that immediately comes to your mind....

Telugu – Prema Yaathruluku - from Detective Naradha - excellent counter melody to the Old Gantashala song

Kannada – Kelisade Prema Vedha – from Gulabi - Just listen and cry…! What else one can do..!

Malayaalam – Thumbe Vaa – from Olangal – Nothing could beat this…!

Hindi – Aey Zindagi – from Sadma - Mother of all Songs…!

4) One song of Ilaiyaraaja that you consider rare and think a song that many people should have known but don't.....!

Undoubtedly…. “Vaanam Inge… Megam Enge” From Nenjil Aadum Poo Ondru…!

5) Raaja's number that you are hearing right now/ most recently heard..

"Priyathamaa Naa Hridhayama …" from Prema…!

Sing along with this song… (even I don’t know the meaning of this song..).. All the pains in the heart will come out and melt you away..!

Now the next thing to do for me is , I have to tag some people…and they are :

Dr Vijay Venkatraman, Vel Ramanan, Siva, KumarPalani, RajaSaranam
(CRV already tagged by Kamalnath, I think)

In fact all the other readers are also welcome to record their views on above points "AS THEY FEEL RAAJA...!"

Those who don’t have their own blog can record here in the Comment section.


Anonymous said...

Dear CSR,
Kiliyae Kiliyae song ku
adhuthu oru best one - in my
feelings is - Kaiyetha kaiyetha

Balaji said...

dear sir,

this is a wonderful blog. i am glad to have made it here. please keep writing more.. would love to read more about understanding IR..

you are blessed.. to have had all these wonderful experiences.

thank you for sharing..

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