Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Generation Gap - Revisited !

The IR-thoughts and emotions were occurring in all period of my life, in bits and parts, some were consolidated, some were forgotten, some were re-written with different perceptions due to the knowledge you have acquired by then.

As explained earlier, this post-1993 period is one such calm, consolidation period for me .

Whatever I have expressed in various blogs of mine and in various discussions forum now-a-days, would have roots in the refined analysis and storage happened in my mind at sub-conscious level, during those period.

I just look back the post-1976 period.

When IR entered and other MDs slowly were fading away, the entire old generation could not accept this new phenomenom and they liked to push-aside IR and his success.

Whereas, a new generation, like me, was totally swayed by a strong, haunting, musical mystery called IR, (even without knowing the intrinsic real value of the treasure), and going mad.

Thus the fighting lines were clearly drawn-up between generations. Just like now between IR and non-IR fans.

But then, the difference (when compared to the present generation) was, at that time, in the absence of internet and communication contacts, those generation differences were limited to close circles of family and friends with whom you lived.

With my growth from a high-school going boy, to a college youth to a working man, I gained my “strength” in getting my IR-share for listening songs in the “shared radio-time” and then in the shared “tape-recorder time” amongst my family and friends.

Looking back, some time my conscious pricks me, that I selfishly overwhelmed so many of family members, in snatching valuable radio-time and put them down in “IR Vs others” arguments etc.

It may be true that many of them voluntarily changed to IR sides with passage of time, but still it was a fact that, to me, IR had remained more than even the family members.

May be post-1993 period may be a curse on people like me who could not escape the “punishments” for those “mis-deeds”.

Now I face the same tune with my own next generation and I am on the receiving end! I only laugh at myself and enjoy.

Now, I am matured and mellowed ! I should not do what I did to my elders!

It is not that I didn’t like songs of others etc.

My wish list of songs would run into thousands and thousands in all languages and transcend all kinds of genres and MDs.

But after possessed by IR, my limitation of time and money could not allow me even to think of other songs, when all the time I was lagging even for my own IR requirement. Even now, the situation remains same.

IR was bestowing upon us, such un-imaginably huge quantum of high quality music, so that I could not/ need not even think of others!

It was somewhere in late 90’s I recorded my first cassette of other MD and that was of ARRahman and Maragatha Mani.

Now, this generation has grown up with songs of next generation MDs .

Even my children listen and appreciate only songs of other MDs..!

Certainly something there, which I conveniently overlook?

I realise that I cannot even argue or try to reason with them at this stage.!

I used to smile, when my younger daughter asks me, “why IR songs are so slow?”

I told these are called harmonized melodies…! I even tried to showcase some fast rhythmic songs of IR also. Do you know what they say…?

Yeah, may be good if converted into a re-mix..!” I could not contain my laugh..!

I only have to wait for the time and I am having a lot of hope...!

This I realised when I plunged into the internet world and got connected with various forums and blogs and felt the magic IR has left even in the present next generation!


venky_vinod said...

Hi CSR, How are you ? We are communicating to each other after almost 3.5 years, I guess.

Very balanced view on the generation gap. Thought provoking.

Your mention of IR songs being slow brought a partial smile to my face. Last week a friend of mine (South Indian friend) was telling me the same thing - BTW, he is elder to me.

But yes, this group of internet friends and the huge number of fans on the web really act as a solace and reassurance to people like me, who used to feel isolated in a big crowd of other MD fans. This helps us enjoy Raaja, know more and share our joy.


Madurai citizen said...

I like Raja's music only. Other MD's music never took place in my heart. If it is captured, then it would be the music given like IR. I realised that IR given his music spontaneously from beginning to end. Every musicial bits have connection with each one and follows one by one spantaneously. So I called it as a "DHEVA GAANAM"