Friday, January 25, 2008

Vana Vaasam.....!

Long Time No See……! Reasons are many..!

During my childhood, I have read the Ramayanam (Rajaji’s Chakravarthy Thirumagan, Tamil Version) umpteen number of times.

More you read, the more you get involved.

However, after a few times of initial readings, the moment the Chapters on Ram’s Vanavasam starts, my mind goes heavy and I simply close the book and discontinue reading further.

After few days, you cannot avoid the temptation and I resume the reading but straightaway jump to Chapters on Hanuman’s Lanka visit etc. Then this became the regular feature.

All of you are perplexed…. why I talk this aspect now here….??!

The analogy is similar here with IR’s case also.

Year 1993 and further, it’s a painful period for any IR fanatics.

Painful nostalgic period for me to describe and my mind wish to go blanks..!

Hence the embarrassing silence of this blog also!

Year 1993 and onwards also a kind of watershed in my personal life also. With marriage and new start of family life, compounded with work pressure and shifting of jobs every alternate year etc., the happenings of next one decade, neither I would like to recall nor I can forget.

Same is the case with my IR nostalgia also.

While the dream Symphony never came out, there was a declining trend in the number of IR films in TFM each year. That was an un-bearable vaccum.
With hindsight, I can safely guess that there could be a deliberate plan and attempt by none other than IR himself, to reach towards this situation, and could have started as early as in 1990 itself.

Because, till 90’s, IR was having such a tough schedule and normally booked for more than an year or two.

Hence, to get into a sudden slowdown situations, anything would have happened atleast an year or before than that.

It may be his passion for the creation of “meaningful” non-film albums, he would have started to put breaks on new films.

And in all probability, as a corollary, he would have prepared himself and the others for various measures including that of to transfer the mantle to his “heir” apparent, obviously Karthik in due course…!

It is quite natural, if you create a sudden vaccum, it will be filled by the surrounding pressure awaiting for such moments!

Be it the Directors or Producers or the Music Director waiting on the wings….!

What happened thereafter is history…!

IR might not have been the looser in the real sense and might not got affected with the TFM situations that followed, but the un-released Symphony anyway might have hurt his dream.

His perceptions thereafter, would have caused a cautious slow down in his own approach towards TFM in the years that followed.

Whatever happened, the IR fans world over, were the hard-hit by this sudden vaccum.

Naturally, in the absence of “New” one has to reach for “Old” to get solace.

That was what happened to all.... also to me….!

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