Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Delhi Days - In Search of WCM Studies!

A few months after I reasonably settled at Delhi, I started my search for the WCM related information.

I don’t know the reason, but somehow in my mind there was an association of thoughts that WCM means one need to learn piano.

Initially I started looking for some musical instrument shops and some book shops. But generally, the book shops search drew a blank and the instrument shops I visited were mainly selling the North Indian instruments like Sitar, tabla etc and a few shops were having some kind of guitars also.

When I enquired for some classical guitars and piano kind of instruments, I was directed to one shop at Connaught Place called “Marquees”. At the immediate next opportunity of week end or so, I visited this shop.

Initially, for quite sometime, I did not have the courage to enter the shop and was looking through the window panes from outside only. I was amazed to see the pianos displayed there!

Finally with so much temptation, I entered the shop and just had a look around. Frankly speaking I didn’t have any close knowledge about pianos except seeing Shivaji playing it in Tamil Films with his nerves dancing in his forehead!

Least I knew about them were the types, origins or prices of pianos! So I casually enquired the price of those pianos!

The shop fellow gave me a sarcastic look which downgraded me even before he uttered anything!

Having asked the question, he countered me with his question that in what range or which make I was looking for!

So clean bowled! Fortunately I didn't answered that question or guessed something!

I just surrendered and managed the show by saying that one of my friends wanted me to collect the details etc! When he explained the make, imported country and the price range etc, I was totally finished!

The prices were running into lakhs of rupees!

I realized that I was after some mirage and my Rs 2000 salary life was not going to take me anywhere near WCM learning!

Still I asked about some place which teaches piano and WCM etc as a part of my data collection (of course for my friend you know!)

There, first time, I got the name of “Delhi School of Music”.

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