Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My College Days : Part-3

Small digression; and advance apologies for the small "suya-puranam" below; I am doing it consciously for the sake of continuity of memories, since these events led to the understanding of IR's real dimensions:

During 1979 to 82, Sankar used to send letters occasionally and explaining the films he saw, comments on songs and BGMs, etc etc. When he finished his studies, he got appointment at TVS, Hosur and he became awfully busy with his new job, new life etc.

Wheras I was continuing my studies at GCE, Salem.

In spite of the stress on studies, at personal level, my association with IR songs, films, etc continued to grow as usual.

It was the year 1982 !

Nearly, in the first three year of my engg college, I never participated in any cultural programmes, nor in any competitions etc, but enjoyed as a spectator only.

But in that 4th year, I dont know why, but I indeed decided that if at all I want to do something, I shall do now, next year being fifth and final year, I can’t afford ! (You see, I was a sincere engineering student with Honours degree at stake ! ).

Somehow, after much dilemma, in the last moment, I got my name enrolled for the musical instrument solo category, through my friend (who was the secretary of orchestra and himself the darling singer of the college).

Since, I know, how much the hostellers were got swayed by “Alaigal Oivadhillai” songs in the previous year, I selected “Putham Pudhu Kaalai” as my choice.

Thus, with a borrowed harmonium from one of the friend in the hostel, I did practice the song “Putham Pudhu Kalai” a few times.

On the competition day, though internally shaky, I derived some courage, and started playing !

The moment I played perfectly the first prelude of flute bit in harmonium, there was a roaring applause started from the students !

The main reason as I beleive, is the popularity of that song and the strong fan following IR had in that young generation!

One another reason may be that, nobody expected that this fellow can be of such stuff ! (Honestly I never open my mouth other than studies, always remain quiet, and as such playing cine song from such a fellow and also to such perfection, was beyond their imagination !)

I don’t remember what happened after that first prelude. I closed my eyes and ears, just IR filled my mind, and the song was flowing like anything, para by para with all those famous interludes !

I still remember the appreciation of the students and some of my lectures after the show ! I was virtually floating in the cloud !

Predictably, I got only second prize, (the sacredness of carnatic stuff, you can’t change and the fellow student who played a typical carnatic song took away the honour!).

And thus I became the natural choice of the College Orchestra of that year !

That experience taught me the lessons of my life!


சிவா said...

CSR! Congratulation (a late wish) on your first state performance :-)).
/the sacredness of carnatic stuff, you can’t change and the fellow student who played a typical carnatic song took away the honour!/ It always happens :-). I too saw in my collage many time.

Muthuswamy said...

Congratulations on your stage show. The stage remains the same even today. When you described your satge performance, it just brought the memories of my performance in the same stage. I visit our college on a regular basis to take sessions for the students. Do you belong to PG.VENKATAKRISHNAN'S set?